Javi Gracia: ‘We have had a very good attitude and little success’

The coach of the Valencia, Javi grace, explained after the tie achieved by his team this Monday against the Cadiz in Mestalla that they had “a lot of will, a very good attitude and little success in the final meters” and that this made them not give them to win the game.

“I’m already thinking about the Cup game and now when I get home I will analyze today’s game. I can’t waste time starting to think what can happen, what has to happen will happen when it has to happen ”, he said. Grace, who insisted on not having “much to say” in the decisions that the club may make.

The coach did not want to encrypt the general objective of the team in salvation but admitted that the first thing is to get out of the relegation places.

“When we do, the remaining competition time will give us to see where we can go. At the moment we have enough to win a game, then two and then some more to get out of there, “he said.

He revealed that he transferred the president of the club, Anil Murthy, “A list of priorities according to the economic situation of the club that I do not know”

“The needs of the team, the president knows from my mouth, I told him a long time ago According to that, it will be the club that decides, it will not be my responsibility,” said the coach at the post-match press conference before him Cadiz.

The coach, who until now had not been so specific on market issues, also ruled out that he has slowed down the arrival of any player in the current winter market.

“I take this opportunity to deny that the arrival of a player has stopped. I am looking forward to players and I will never say no to that possibility, “he concluded.