Javi Gracia: ‘The Super League does not represent what we want in terms of values’

Javi Gracia positioned himself this Tuesday against the Super League but the Valencia coach also stressed the need for the current bodies that direct football to improve competitions by protecting the players and showed radically against the possibility of sanctioning those who participate in the competition if it gets going.

“My opinion would go along the lines of the club, I see the Super League more as an economic project rather than a sporting one and I don’t think it really represents what we all want from this football, in terms of the values ​​of football and sports in general. The agencies will have to make the decisions they have to make, which is not easy, but should prioritize what is related to the essence of football and with this new creation I don’t see it that way, “he said at a press conference.

But Gracia also gave a ‘touch’ to UEFA and the Leagues, although he later clarified that he understands that there are decisions to be made based on the economy.

“I would like football to improve but everyone sees the concept according to their own interest and what must prevail is to protect the game and its protagonists that I think is not happening and now neither,” he stressed.

“There are great economic interests and those responsible Of the decisions they believe that it is appropriate to go down that path and as a coach I consider that sometimes they are not the ideal ones, but as part of football we must accept certain things because they are things that are needed to maintain it. To maintain the show you have to accept certain measures and we accept it because I understand that they are not easy to take ”, he admitted.

In what was much more belligerent is the possibility that the players can be sanctioned if they play the Super League. “I hear that players are not going to be able to play in certain places and players need protection not threats. Those who are responsible for making those decisions should think about them ”, he claimed.

In fact, he asked all those involved to think about the general interest and not the particular interest and that was also accepted so as not to enter into assess the possibility that Valencia could benefit of a split with an invitation to European competitions.

“I think we should have a more global vision and less interested and thinking about what can benefit us. We must think about what is the best for football and then we will see in what situation Valencia and the rest of the teams are, “he said.

Gracia said that the objective should be “to protect the game, their protagonists and try to satisfy their fans as much as possible ”.

“It is not about playing many games because it still has a lot of economic repercussion because it is not the best for the players or their fans. Those responsible should think a better football but thinking about football “, he slipped.