Javi Calleja: ‘Miracles in Lourdes, ours is work’

The coach of the Deportivo Alavés, Javier Calleja, said in a jocular tone after obtaining the salvation of his team that miracles are in Lourdes and that what he has done with the rest of the squad “It is work, involvement, commitment and union.”

The Madrilenian added at a press conference that he also favored salvation “the approach, believe, be optimistic and fight to the end.”

“They have followed the results and that means that an excellent job has been done“Said the technician albiazul, who insisted that he did not do magic. “I have believed in my work and in what we do,” he said.

He indicated that he has always had “a clear idea of ​​the game”, that he has tried “to add knowledge, work on it and do important mental work.”

“We were optimistic and that had to be contagious. I have been myself with an excellent coaching staff ”, explained the babazorro coach with sincerity, who did not think about Elche’s goal at the time they received the Granada draw.

“I was focused on our thing, It hurt that they tied us, but we reacted very well. We have seen the team with character and belief ”, explained the Complutense, who first thing he did was remember his family because they are not with him.

“From the beginning I have seen the team that knew how to play and we went for the game from minute one,” he said.or Javi Calleja, He added that the team conveyed “a lot of security.”

Revealed that he will continue at Alavés next season, although you will have to clarify some issues of the contract. “There is total harmony”, stated Calleja, who thanked the sports director albiazul, Sergio Fernandez, to have trusted him.

Asked when he realized that they could be saved, he replied that “the training and the day to day” do not deceive him. “Start like we did and get a streak of games and good result makes you believe even more. The players have made me believe from the beginning ”, he expressed.