Jaume Roures: ‘There are many unanswered questions in the Super League’

The general manager of the group Mediapro, Jaume rouresexplained to EFE that “there are many unanswered questions in the European Super League”, the competition created by 12 of the main clubs on the continent, including the Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid.

One of the supposed improvements of the Superliga regarding the Champions League is that thanks to it the income from television rights of the clubs would increase, something with which Roures disagrees: “Television rights are on the decline. And what is the added value of this Super League in terms of content that did not contribute the Champions? “

Currently, television rights in some soccer clubs can account for up to 70% of your budget. Movistar pays practically 400 million euros per year to broadcast the Champions League in Spain during the 2021-2024 cycle, a figure slightly higher than the 360 ​​million per year that it paid to Mediapro (the winner of the bid) during the previous cycle.

Roures questions “the reason why televisions should pay more for the Super League than for the Champions League” and if “now thousands of new subscribers will appear on Movistar + or Sky for the simple fact of being able to watch the Super League”.

“They say that the clubs will enter by television rights at most about 3,800 or 3,900 million euros per season with the Super League and now they are entering 3,600 with the Champions League. Will there be a split in world football because of this difference?” businessman.

Precisely this Monday the ‘Financial Times’ published that a Spanish company will control the future television rights and sponsorship generated by the Superliga.

The reputed economic newspaper also reported that the investment bank JP Morgan will provide funds to the new organization and that has reserved 3,250 million euros for an infrastructure fund that will be distributed among the teams that join the project.

The entity’s loan will be amortized over the next 23 years and is secured from the competition’s television rights.

The organizers, according to the ‘Financial Times’, have already begun to negotiate future television rights and hope to reach agreements with firms such as Amazon, Facebook, Disney and Sky, with which they aspire to raise about 4,000 million euros a year.

For his part, Roures explains to EFE that while he has negotiated television rights around the world in recent times, “no one has been found who has sat down with someone from the Super League to negotiate a television contract.”

“And they say that maybe the competition would start this next August or the next. To broadcast the Super League, each country has to hold open competitions that must pass the approval of the competition authorities and perhaps even the European Commission. This involves many months, especially in times of coronavirus“, warns the CEO of Mediapro.

Beyond television rights, Roures has more criticism of the competition chaired by Florentino Pérez, the president of Real Madrid: “How can they announce the creation without French or German teams? We are talking about 160 million European inhabitants. And if these in the end they don’t participate, how will they get the income they had in mind? “

And he still has more questions: “For example, who will appoint the referees? The national federations, which are against the Super League? Or will the Super League sign its own referees? Will this competition have a VAR system?”

The mess of the European Super League has only just begun and many questions still seem to be far from being answered.