Jasmine Garbini, the last woman Maradona tried to conquer: ‘He had become obsessed’

The conquering character of Diego Armando Maradona he was well known to all. A seductive spirit which remained intact until the day of his death. One of the last (or rather the last) to check it was Jasmine Garbini. an Argentine entrepreneur that manufactures armchairs.

One of them for the ‘10’, who was completely captivated just by seeing her: “We were greeted by a barbarian, he sat down and smoked a cigar. I uploaded all the photos to my networks because you don’t meet Maradona every day. Then he asked me for an armchair and we brought it to him. We stay talking a lot of dogs because I have seven dogs and he had a puppy ”, explained the young woman.

Jasmine Garbini, the last woman who tried to conquer Maradona

“He insisted that I return, so that he could have some mates. We sent each other audios in which we laughed ourselves to death. I told him that at some point I happened to see him, with a lot of respect and a lot of admiration. Me I never had intentions to have something, but He had become obsessed with me and wanted to meet me “, has continued counting Jasmine.

The story, however, was started by her when she decided to write to him on Instagram, with more luck than her millions of ‘fans’: “He once uploaded a post on Instagram in an armchair. I replied: ‘Diego, you have to have a Jasmine armchair”. They contacted me to tell me that Verónica saw my post and that they needed a chair ”, he confessed.

Jasmine Garbini, the last woman who tried to conquer Maradona
Jasmine Garbini, the last woman who tried to conquer Maradona

The love of

‘El Diego’ by Jazmín
It was such in a short time that, according to the people with whom he spent his last hours, she had been his last thought before saying goodbye: “Yesterday Diego was asking about you all day … He told me it was the last mine Maradona had thought about. I was shocked a lot. This does not happen to you every day in your life ”, said the sister of Matías Morla (the family lawyer) to Jasmine herself.