Jasikevicius (Barça): ‘We have to play harder, with more discipline and clearer ideas’

Lithuanian coach Saras jasikevicius, coach of the Barça, considers that his team has to play “harder” with “more discipline” and have “clear ideas” before the decisive game tomorrow Wednesday against the Zenith Russian. The winner of that match will qualify for the Cologne Final Four. So far each team has won two games, Barça the second and the third; the Zenith, the first and the fourth.

“It is the fifth game, the time has come to leave everything on the court. We have learned about what we have not done well. The players are aware that we have to play harder, more disciplined, with clearer ideas and that we are not doing, ”he said in statements distributed by the Barça club.

The Lithuanian recalled that his team has been working for eight months to be able to play this match on their court. “We will try to make a good basketball, I think that in this series we have not played a very good full game and that is what we will try to do, to see if we can achieve it,” he insisted.

Jasikevicius commented that after four games, his players already have an idea of ​​how to overcome the aggressive defense of the team of Xavi Pascual, where you risk and where you don’t. “Above all, you have to fight for each ball, for each centimeter and this is what we are talking about. If another team grabs you 14 rebounds more than you, I think we haven’t fought to the fullest. We are having a very low percentage of two. You have to be tough and not wait for fouls to be whistled at you, because in the play-offs no fouls are whistled ”, he argued.

The Hungarian Forward Adam Hanga He assured that the Barça fans know what they have to do to win the game. “In the fourth, they dominated us. We have to play much more physical, respect the details that the coach asks of us and leave everything on the court, because we are three victories away from a title of Euroleague, which is very important, “he said.

He commented that the Zenith It is a team that “defends very well”, but considers that Barça’s problem is not in attack, but in defense.

“If we defend better, we can run a little more. So far all the games have been decided by rebounds. If we have the rebound we can run more and get more easy baskets, which in a game like this is vital and can change everything, “he added.