Januzaj leans on his best friend

The injured of the Real best placed for his return to activity is Adnan Januzaj. It will not be at all easy for him to play in the final days, but the Belgian advances in his recovery. He has contacted the ball in Zubieta this week. His goal is none other than to rush all options to help the team before the curtain falls on the season.

There are eight days left until the championship ends and from now until next Sunday there are three days. Time plays against a Januzaj who leans on his best friend to try to get out of the jam: the ball. The extreme txuri urdin has posted images in the last hours on his social networks in which he feels nostalgic. Sorry for having to miss a final sprint for which he was revealing himself as a relevant piece in the scheme. Imanol.

Januzaj He had linked three games as a starter until he was injured against Espanyol. A second-degree rupture in the rectus femorus removed him from the continuity he had managed to achieve, and the tight schedule threatens to isolate him from the team for the rest of the day. At Real they do not lose hope, but they know that the margin is very small.