Januzaj can go

One of the top candidates to leave the Real this summer is Adnan
Januzaj. The goal for posterity that he left in the Wanda Metropolitano can become an epitaph as a golden pin. The Belgian went on vacation thinking that the option of his exit wins integers as long as he does not receive a renewal offer from the club. An uncertain setting that will not be resolved overnight and that threatens to tighten the rope that holds the parts until the end of the summer market, around October 5, already in the middle of autumn.

Januzaj He is waiting for a renewal offer that the Royal has not yet proposed. This is not, a priori, any measure of pressure from the international extreme. Their objective, on the other hand, is to have an economically better contract than the current one. The moment to open a hypothetical cycle of negotiations seems capital, since the current connection of the Belgian with the club lasts until 2022.

La Real, therefore, is approaching a scenario where it must decide what to do with Januzaj taking into account the long term. If you reach out to an improvement in your conditions or, on the contrary, be receptive to the offers that come through it. At the moment, this second option has predominated in past windows for buying and selling players.

I wanted to play the Champions

Januzaj He stated in a recent interview that he is “open to everything.” The statements he made to the Flemish newspaper ‘Het Nieuwsblad’ during the confinement were eloquent. Indeed, it does not leave any doors closed. Without ruling out leaving Real.

“You never know football, but for now I am completely focused on Real Sociedad,” said the Brussels player. The txuri urdin qualification to the Europa League is unlikely to make the most satiating effect. And is that Januzaj confesses that his future “depends a lot” on playing the Champions League. He could not play next season with the realistic team shirt.

Priced at 18 million in January

La Real got into Europe thanks to a free-kick goal by Adnan
Januzaj with six minutes to go until the last day of the League ended. A spark of relevance within a trajectory whose line is irregular in the club.

Despite being one of the best realists in the final stretch, after the alarm state, Januzaj He did not dissociate himself from the problems in his behavior when the championship was dying. Imanol
Sheriff revealed a conversation in which the Belgian refused to travel to Madrid because he was not called up for the penultimate round against Sevilla. The technician related the moment in a casual tone.

Januzaj approached the winter market to leave the Real. He was closely followed by AC Milan or Rome, plus some lesser English club. The club valued him at 18 million in January, although his termination clause amounts to 60. Manchester United, his home team, reserved 30% of the sale that Real could make in the future, under the agreement agreed when the negotiation of his transfer was closed.