Jamie Vardy’s surprising diet that breaks records

The vast majority of elite footballers on the international scene strictly follow a balanced diet to give maximum performance on the pitch. However, the Leicester City crack, Jamie vardy, seems to live a little on the sidelines as far as a sports diet is concerned.

That is what has revealed Ritchie De Laet, his former teammate from Leicester City, in an interview in the Belgian daily Het Nieuwsblad.

“As a professional footballer, you know when you can go out and have a drink and also when you can’t. But Jamie is the quintessential exception … He can drink pints and eat pizza on the eve of games, and still be fine. “Ritchie De Laet relates.

“A couple of cases of beer in the trunk of his car, and Vardy would be happy,” said the Belgian defender, 2016 Premier League winners with Leicester.

Additionally, De Laet revealed an episode about Vardy the night before that surpassed Van Nistelrooy by scoring in eleven consecutive Premier League games. “In 2016, he broke Ruud van Nistelrooy’s record by scoring 11 matches in a row. Well, the night before we were in our hotel room. We got the team driver to buy us a bottle of Port wine and we hid it in our room. I drank a small glass and he drank the rest of the bottle. The next day he broke the record. He really is a great guy, “he concluded in the interview.