Jacqueline returns to the charge against the player who impregnated her: ‘He’s being very silly’

Less than a week ago Jacqueline pinheiro dropped a real bomb in an interview with ‘The Sun’. A famous married Premier player had gotten her pregnant. And if that wasn’t enough, he hasn’t stopped sending her messages since his wedding!

A completely surreal story that has ended up becoming “A real nightmare” for the Brazilian based in Milan. Therefore, after her juicy confessions, the young woman hoped that the mysterious gamer take a step forward. Nothing could be further from the truth.

“I haven’t heard a single word. He He knew this was going to come out, but has chosen to ignore it. After he spoke to you, I expected him to contact me, but he didn’t. Total silence and now we will see what happens in the courts, if he bothers to attend … ”, the model began by explaining.

And he continued: “He thinks that maybe it will disappear, but he’s being very silly. You can turn your back on me, but not on our daughter. I have sent him photos and videos of our girl walking and he has not even responded, ”Jacqueline revealed.

An attitude that the Carioca does not understand and qualifies as very cruel: “How cruel is that? She is his own flesh and blood and he ignores her. This is the same man who insists he is a family man. It’s a prank. If people knew what he put me through, they would be surprised “, has settled Pinheiro.

Now we will have to wait to know the resolution of justice and if, finally, the footballer decides to take care of the little girl. In the meantime, Jacqueline continues to brag about her baby on social media: