Jackie Chan wants to be a member of the Communist Party of China

The popular actor Jackie Chan, known for his long career in the film industry with films such as ‘Rush Hour’ or ‘The Karate Kid’, expressed his desire to belong to the Communist Party of China, according to Variety magazine. The 67-year-old artist attended a event on July 8 at Bird’s Nest Stadium, which was intended to honor President Xi Jinping, in addition to celebrating the anniversary of the formation founded on July 1, 1921.

“When I am abroad I often say that I am proud to be Chinese, but actually I envy you who are Party members. I think the Communist Party is really cool. What it says, what it promises, what it has achieved in just a few decades. I want to be a member of the Party ”, he explained in that one as explained by the mentioned medium.

His speech and stance towards the leaders of the Communist Party of China has been changing over the years. It should be remembered that Jackie Chan was very critical of this formation in 1989 due to the Tiananmen protests, but over the years his relationship with the political organization has changed to the point of wanting to join.

Hong Kong-born actor Jackie Chan.

The actor and martial arts specialist recently worked on the children’s film ‘The dragon of wishes’, a comedy already available on the Netflix platform.