IZAL: ‘El Cruïlla was one of the most exciting concerts of our lives’

“A whole year of doubt and silence.” With this verse, IZAL he opened his concert in the Cruïlla. Before thousands of people, the indie group returned to the stage of a Forum that vibrated with each note. For more than two hours, IZAL put the soundtrack to a festival that returned (with restrictions) normality.

After playing some of his most famous songs at the Cruïlla such as ‘The Woman in Green’, ‘Wormholes’ or ‘Copacabana’, IZAL attends Mundo Deportivo to tell us not only about this concert, but also about his tour “The Little Grand Final of the Trip” and his career. Mikel and Alejandro, vocalist and drummer, answer Mundo Deportivo’s questions.

What was it like for you to be on the Cruïlla poster?

We were lucky to play before the pandemic and the memory we believed was unbeatable. When our office told us about the initiative that the festival had, we couldn’t believe it. Being inside it gave us hope at a time when we knew if we would return to normal.

What did you expect from this festival?

See what we missed so much. That energy that so many people give together being able to dance. Something that is almost forgotten (for safety and responsibility, given the circumstances). And live a historical event. It is very significant after all that we have gone through on a social level.

Europe’s first mass format since the pandemic, a little closer to normal?

It seems that everything begins to settle and of course yes, every day we get a little closer to what will be normal. Hopefully it looks a lot like the one we had. It is important to take the steps carefully and knowingly.

What do you say to those people who were present at the Cruïlla?

That they are responsible. That we still cannot talk about this pandemic in the past, that happiness and energy go hand in hand with solidarity. And also THANKS. For betting on live music and accompanying us in one of the most exciting concerts of our lives.

It is the first of the tour ‘The Little Grand Final of the Trip’ in which you will be in much of Spain.

Luckily this tour takes us back to many cities we have already been to and the feeling of the road again is a breath of fresh air that we already needed. We had the feeling that we were short of breath.

You present new themes. How has the public received them?

At the moment we have presented a preview single of Hogar, our next album that comes out after the summer and the reception could not be better. A beautiful phenomenon was generated and that is that people began to share their best memories using this song as a soundtrack and it was a joy to see how they had connected with it through their favorite moments, places and people.

Meiuqèr, your latest single. How did this song come about and what do you want to convey with it?

It was born after a long period of drought inspiration that Mikel lived and this song was the first thing he wrote in two long years, it helped him to get out of that state, to return to life musically speaking and lose the fear of continuing with his passion, which is to compose.

How has a group like you managed to survive the pandemic?

We are lucky. The past years have brought us a privileged position on the playlists of people who listen to this style of music and it is something we have valued since day 1. Not all groups have been so lucky and it is a shame. Hopefully we don’t miss out on all that music.

More than 10 years together. What do you highlight about this trajectory?

The miracle that five such different people love and respect each other so much in such an intense brutal maelstrom. It has been eleven years in which everything has happened to us, and everything in a big way, for better and for worse, and it is miraculous to have always had so much love and such good vibes.

If you had to keep just one song out of all the ones you’ve released, what would it be and why?

This question has been asked many times and the answer is always the same, we love Mom and Dad the same.

If you had to fill a football stadium at your next concert, what would it be?

Since what we would do there would be music, the nice thing would be to fill the largest in the country. Hopefully one day we get to experience something like this. We are not so football fans that we have a stadium in our head to play at.

On the other hand, our luck has already reached us in some incredible places and that always remains in our memory.

How important is sport in your lives?

Some more and others less but we all try to stay very fit for the demands of the stage. In the end the body suffers from touring and we do not want accidents.

What is the last thing you do before going on stage?

We hugged each other and sang an absurd song followed by the city where we played. At Cruïlla it was “mamemime mamemimemá BARCELONA!”. Ending with an “AURRERA!”, Which is “AHEAD!” In Basque. The “mamemime” is a vocal exercise that Javi, the singer of CYAN, a Catalan group that we are very fond of, always did. We laughed a lot with that warm-up – we were less professional – and we used it as a “warm-up to go out and play”, as a battle cry, in a gig that we shared with them. And it stayed forever.