Ivana Icardi explains through tears how she found out she was pregnant

The television Ivana icardi She has turned to her ‘mtmad’ channel to share with her followers all the details of her pregnancy, the result of her relationship with Hugo Sierra, whom he met in the program ‘Survivors’.

“I suppose that for many it was unexpected …”, the young woman started. “At first I had a lot of insecurity, one always feels unprepared and a motherhood seemed super big to me.”

Ivana insisted that “I see how Hugo he is like a father and he was able to remove that great insecurity that I had ”. “He knew how to calm me down and tell me that if we really wanted to have a child he would be willing,” he added.

Hugo Sierra and Ivana Icardi, more in love than ever.

About when she found out that she was pregnant, the Argentine recalled that “that moment was magical, it was in October more or less.” His partner was at that time traveling in Madrid and “there was nothing else in my head … I was very impatient.”

After taking a pregnancy test at 6.30 in the morning, Ivana He admitted that “I couldn’t stand it and I told him by video call. I am very practical ”. “I took the pregnancy test and showed it to her… it was a super nice moment. My heart exploded because he began to cry with emotion, “he said.

“He is super sensitive. When he is so tender with me I melt and that moment was not for less. It was so special and such a big step in life. I had never thought of falling in love and wanting to have a child because I know he is the man of my life. It is a happiness that cannot be explained … ”, he declared.