Ivana Icardi confesses how her relationship with Hugo Sierra is

The ‘influencer’ Ivana Icardi He has turned to his Instagram profile, where he has more than 950 thousand followers, to open his heart and open up about how his relationship with Hugo Sierra, his partner since he left ‘Survivors 2020’.

“Before I met him, I was prejudiced against people with a lot of age difference. My parents were 12 years old and it seemed like a lot to me ”, the young woman started in a video that she published in ‘Stories’.

Ivana He continued, “the important thing is the connection and love that two people feel, everything else does not matter.” “Hugo is a super active person and we get on very well with our characters. Neither sex nor age is an impediment for two people who love each other, ”he added.

“I’ve been living abroad since I was 20 years old. I don’t really have to ask permission anymore, but my mother for advice. I don’t change our talks and our privacy for anything in the world, ”he insisted. “I think Madrid would not have given us anything at this time, and here we have the family,” he explained about his move to Mallorca.

Hugo Sierra and Ivana Icardi, more in love than ever.

Ivana passed by Hugo Sierra Nochevieja and shared the following reflection with his ‘followers’: ”Life has an incredible capacity to surprise us. At the beginning of 2020 I could not have imagined all the things that would happen (good and not so good), but here I am, feeling grateful and blessed for everything. My life took a turn, I moved from Italy to Spain again, I went from being without a partner to meeting a wonderful man, whom I love with my soul and who to this day we continue to share everything together ”.