Ivana Icardi and Hugo Sierra boast of their love after the breakup of Adara and Rodri

Adara Miller took to social media to confirm his unexpected break with Rodri Fuertes, with whom he had been dating for half a year, in this entry to the year 2021. On the other hand, the father of his son Hugo Sierra and his current partner Ivana icardi They did not hesitate to proclaim their love to the four winds.

“Life has an incredible capacity to surprise us. At the beginning of 2020 I would not have imagined all the things that would happen (good and not so good), but here I am, feeling grateful and blessed for everything, ”the Argentine started on Instagram.

Ivana He continued, “my life took a turn, I moved from Italy to Spain again.” “I went from being single to meeting a wonderful man, whom I love with my soul and who to this day we continue to share everything together,” he insisted.

“From being an aunt to a few nephews, to just one more missing for a soccer team … The reality is that the world has suffered a lot this year that left and I hope that 2021 will give us more joys than sadness, because We deserve them … In spite of everything, I feel fortunate in life so I can only say THANK YOU FOR ONE MORE YEAR ”, said the sister of the well-known footballer Mauro Icardi.