Iván Alejo values ​​the point won at the Camp Nou

Ivan Alejo, Cádiz player, has valued this Wednesday very positively the tie reached by the yellow team this past day in the Camp
Nou. That 1-1 broke the streak of consecutive losses of a team that had conceded 12 goals in its last three league games, at the rate of four per game.

“We came from a bad streak, not of results but of sensations”, explained Alejo. “Concede so many goals it was something we were little used to. The rivals have been very tough, but we have conceded many goals. In the aspect spirited It is very important to score at the Camp Nou, because it was something that nobody expected. The team knew how to be well until the end. We knew that if we got to the end well we would have a choice ”.

For Alejo, apart from the sporting merits of Cádiz, the reaction capacity necessary to surprise Barça at the Camp Nou itself has another ‘father’: “It seems a cliché to say that the environment helps the team a lot, But it is reality. You come from losing and in other teams there are all kinds of problems: fights, bad rolls … Here you come, you are bad, but you see the faces of Cervera and Perera and they make you calm down. There are people with experience like Negredo, Cala or José Mari who transmit a lot. The tranquility of seeing the team united seamlessly helps a lot. Between all of them they make you feel calm.

Alejo, who has participated in 12 of the 24 league games played by Cádiz, does not hide that he would prefer to have a greater role in the team, but has made it clear that “the coach is the one who sees us train every day and it is who decides who has to play, who knows the most and who manages the group. I’m happy, I’m happy, I’m in LaLiga Santander, which is the dream of many people. I understand my role. I would like to play more, it is evident, but the important thing today is the team, “he explained. “What the club and the City are at stake is a lot, which is to remain in the First Division after many years, we must focus on us and not on me. It is the most important thing today ”.