It’s scary: Miller went for Mir and hit him at 200 km / h

One of the most tense moments of the Doha GP MotoGP race has had as protagonists Jack Miller and Joan Mir In the absence of 10 laps to go and which could have disastrous consequences due to the Australian’s out-of-tone tone, who has lost all reason looking for contact at full throttle and with a group of riders who also preceded at full throttle.

At turn 10. Mir has made a maneuver quite to the limit to pass him and they have touched. The Spaniard has recognized his mistake and has taken his leg out, a universal gesture to apologize to the rival. But the Australian has taken it very badly and has deliberately taken off the track Mir on the straight with a touch to 195 km / h and after that he has put himself in parallel with him and has begun to vehemently rebuke him.

Even though Race direction has analyzed the incident during the test has not seen punishable action. Even so Suzuki has gone to appeal this decision to wash their hands by those responsible for imparting sports justice.

This is how Joan Mir explained it: “I have changed his line to the limit a bit, it is true and I have apologized by sticking my leg out and apparently he has gotten angry, he must not like to see that he is not performing as expected of him and in the last corner I have sneaked a A little bit and when I came back I have gone sticking to the left, which we all do, another one has happened to me with Aleix who has sneaked in, he has returned to the left I have seen him and I have approached without touching him. And then I have seen this situation that has been accelerating to touch me and it has to be judged, it cannot be repeated, it has been extremely dangerous, on the straight with drivers behind, it has passed the limits ”.

This is how Jack Miller explained it: “He hit me three times in the middle of the curve. The Suzuki turns well but it hit me hard, I was tired of so much touch. It is nothing personal, I understand that the Suzuki turns well and they can park wherever they want, but three touches are a lot: in the second corner at the beginning of the race, then in the six and in the ten. I was tired of so much touch ”.

And with respect to the touch on the straight, he has not been conclusive with his discharge: “We all saw what happened, and nothing else. If they had taken me a black flag they would have been wrong. I know what happened: he left for a long time and wanted to come back, but no one is too concerned with what happens to others ”.