‘It’s a penalty, you don’t even have to look at it’


There is a general assumption that Sevilla took all three points from Anoeta because they were frankly superior to Real in the first half. However, in the new ‘Inside’ offered by the Real it is clear that there were realistic players who protested above all a specific decision of the referee, James
Latre: the stomp of Acuna to You
Normand inside the area, that the referee did not see enough to whistle a penalty, like his teammate Pizarro
Gomez the week before in the fortuitous of Carlos
Fernandez to Gabriel
Paulista. When the players who were left out due to injury saw the repeated action on the monitor, they looked towards the field demanding maximum penalty from the referee. Aihen
Muñoz He did it standing up, waving his arms. “It’s a penalty, you don’t even have to look at it,” he clearly snapped. Martin
Zubimendi. In the VAR they did not correct his decision not to whistle the throw from 11 meters.

On the other hand, in the video the monumental anger of Imanol
Sheriff in the minutes after Sevilla’s second goal, which were of absolute dominance and visitor submission. Already desperate, he stopped giving instructions from the band, sat on the bench next to Labaka and he threw a bottle of water at the grass with certain doses of anger. After the meeting, he described that section of the meeting as “horrifying.”

For its part, it was clearly seen that Carlos
Fernandez He left the field in pain, explaining to Dr. Barrera something related to the front of his right thigh, on which, already in the stands, ice is applied.