Italy wins Eurovision 2021; resounding skid from Spain with Blas Cantó

He started as a great favorite in all bets and has not disappointed: Italy has been proclaimed winner of Eurovision 2021. Maneskin with his song ‘Zitti e buoni’ has managed to convince everyone present and they take the crystal microphone from Rotterdam.

After the first round of voting, Italy received 206 points from the professional jury, which placed it fourth in the standings. But the televoting has caused a great turnaround in the table: 318 points have earned the Alpine country to lift the champion trophy in the Rotterdam Ahoy.

With this, Italy adds the third victory in its history. Before this, the others dated from 1964 and 1990. Since then, the showcase of Eurovision triumphs in the Alpine country was empty.

Next year, if the coronavirus allows it, the festival of Eurovision He will travel to Italy and it will be Maneskin who will present the award to his successor. Until then, to live on Eurovision glory for a year.


Blas Cantó only managed to score six points in Eurovision 2021. The Murcian representative, who started last in the festival bets, failed to convince either the professional jury or the public and was very far from victory in Rotterdam. In fact, the televoting did not award any points to the representative of Spain.

In this way, the interpreter of “I’m going to stay” has not been able to add a new victory for Spain. The last time our country finished at the top of the ranking was in 1969 when Salomé with ‘Vivo cantando’ raised the glass microphone.


Despite the controversies being almost a ‘must’ for Eurovision live shows, this year the organization did not have to regret any surprises during the 26 performances of the night. Unlike other years in which some spontaneous had sneaked onto the stage, as was the case with Jimmy Jump when Daniel Diges represented Spain in Norway, the Netherlands knew how to control that part of the show.