‘It would not be a surprise if Marc was in Qatar,’ says Pol Espargaró

Pol Espargaro He has been one of the most outstanding riders in the Losail test because his adaptation to that Honda that was the competitive condemnation of a champion like Jorge Lorenzo has been very fast, although he prefers to continue adapting a low profile for that start of the MotoGP World Championship because only he has worked four days on his Honda. It would not be a surprise for him either if in 15 days he meets Marc Márquez again at the Repsol Honda es Losail box, everyone is waiting for him there.

“It will not be a surprise to me, it is already on the entry list. We all want to see him hanging around. Now he is starting to work harder, he feels better and better, and the doctors let him do a harder job. I think it will come soon. I don’t know if in the first or in the second race. Only he knows, it is he who feels his body. We all look forward to his return as soon as possible ”, said Pol Espargaró from the Losail circuit.


“Obviously not, to what degree? I do not know. I will know a result of the race then, now I feel very well, the pace similar to the pointers and a little slower than others. Here the conditions are very changeable, we will see how they are in the GP that will mark the beginning.


“Nor am I the one who should say it, it will be the others, I cannot think for them if I will be the revelation of this year. I will try to work as hard as possible to be world champion and if not to be as close as possible, that is my goal and that of the team. We will have to try, but we will not start with the best results because with only four days it is impossible “


“Seeing me with these colors is the biggest impression, it seems symbolic but for me it is not to be sitting in the orange box with the Repsol logo and the Japanese engineers around it. For those at home he is a driver who changes teams and for me it is much more than a team change, the idols of most drivers have passed through here. It is the power, the potential, seeing that you are dressed in orange and that these colors belong to you and that you have a unique opportunity is what has impacted me the most “


“I have not had the opportunity to do the long run with a new tire and the next one will already be on race day. The more laps the better the experience because we need the information a lot “


“Yes, I have put it on. The whole paddock needs to be responsible, we fly around the world, we travel through different countries and we can be contagious there and at home, especially with our loved ones and that is why I have worn it “


“I need more laps. Sometimes I see the limit and sometimes I don’t. I need more circuits, ride with more tires, the situation is complex. It is a matter of time and experience. For now, I have more or less under control the front end in Qatar with some compound, but that does not mean that I can fall three times. You have to go to other circuits “


“Knowing the front end is not putting on a tire and it works and everything is perfect, each asphalt is different and each tire is different and the grip is different, it is not whether or not there is grip, at full incline or when it pulls more. It depends on the compound, casing, type of asphalt, how the motorcycle works on each circuit. With time, experience, falls and testing tires is when I will notice the limits of the bike. In two weekends I can understand this bike but even if we are competitive we are far from understanding it even if it is fast on a lap or the fast pace ”