‘It would hurt Dortmund more to lose Hummels than Haaland’

Former German international Mathias Sammer believes that Borussia Dortmund would suffer more from the loss of center-back Mats Hummels than from the eventual departure of forward Erling Haaland, currently in the sights of half of Europe.

Sammer, currently an adviser to Borussia Dortmund, acknowledges that Haaland is an important player but insists that there are players the club would miss more.

“It is worth mentioning Hummels, for example. His departure would hurt the club more. Not only has he stabilized the team but in difficult moments he came out in defense of coach Edin Terzic in a way that commands respect. It is a character trait that we need from looking to the future, “Sammer said in statements to the Bild newspaper.

Regarding Haaland, he said that he recommends assessing what he has received from Dortmund, regardless of the details of his contract.

“The club has given him a lot. For Erling, only a handful of teams are under discussion as possible future destinations. When he takes the next step, it must be a perfect step,” said Sammer.