It will continue in 2021

Uccio (Alessio Salucci), Valentino Rossi’s right-hand man since his time at the Tavullia school, has calmed Dottore fans by explaining that Valentino intends to make his deal with the Yamaha Petronas SRT public this month. to remain active in 2021 with his ‘pupil’ Franco Morbidelli as a teammate.

“Vale has the attitude that what he wants is anything but resign, and this makes us very happy. He is a great entertainer, he pulls people, he always has a great desire, he surprises us all. Our intention is very likely to continue in 2021 ”, he affirms in a chat with Sky Sport Italia in which he continues to use the verb in conditional for that of not anticipating the first-person announcement of Valentino.

The last hug on the grill between Uccio and Valentino

Obviously, the way forward will be in the Yamaha Petronas SRT of the Malaysian Razlan Razani who awaits him with open arms, although the negotiation is dragging on because Valentino wants everything tied up and while still having full powers over himself.

“When Vale moves, it always creates expectations and tensions. It is not an official team, but we will have a factory motorcycle. They are very well structured, and supported by Yamaha, with whom we have an excellent relationship and most likely have Franco (Morbidelli) as a teammate. It should be a good experience. It is not yet completely defined, but at the end of the month, we should be there, “says Alessio Salucci.

He reveals that Vale has needed a little time to think about it, but that within ten days everything should be clear with Yamaha: “We are at the first step, we will talk next week with Yamaha to understand how to move forward, but we have not talked so much about the team because Vale wanted to think a little bit about whether to continue or not. We will certainly go ahead and then discuss the details with Yamaha from here until the next ten days, ”he says.

About the company of Franco Morbidelli, he assures that “it will be strange to me because I have known him since I was a child, with so many insecurities and seeing him there now gives me great pleasure.”