‘It will be difficult for Messi to stay, if he wanted to, he would have said so’

Camacho, former player and coach of the Real
Madrid, said this Thursday that the Argentine Leo
Messi could play this next day his last classic with the Barcelona, since he sees “difficult for him to stay, since if he wanted to, he would have said so” after the arrival to the presidency of Joan

During his career as a player of the Real
Madrid, between 1973 and 1989, Camacho played numerous matches against him Barcelona. As coach of the white team, in 2004, none.

“I see the current Madrid well, with that point that a month ago he did not have and now he does. He has ease and with the illusion of beating Liverpool it will help him to face this classic,” he said Camacho, who assured that against Barça “any result is good except defeat”.

I see it well with the current Real Madrid

“In this game, in theory, Real Madrid has more need at this point and I think the loss of the two will be morally wrong. Even so, for the League, I always respect the one who goes first, in this case Atlético” , confessed Camacho, who went to ‘Challenge
Nacex‘, a paddle tennis tournament with the presence of former players of the Real
Madrid and Barcelona.

About the Argentine Leo
Messi, which ends a contract at the end of the season with him Barcelona, Camacho he opined that “it will be difficult for him to stay.”

He would like Ramos to stay

“Three months ago things were very clear, now not so much, and I think that if he wanted to stay he would have said it already with the arrival of Joan Laporta he had a good time,” he said Camacho, you stated that you would “like” that Sergio
Bouquets stay in the Real