It was not a good idea: they build a roundabout in the USA and circulatory chaos breaks out

A recently built roundabout in a rural area of ​​the state of Kentucky (USA) has been mocked on the networks. In the video it is observed how a great disorder is generated in the circulation of vehicles, probably due to the lack of habit of drivers before this new type of crossing so common in Europe and other parts of the world, but little used in the United States. especially in rural areas.
Rowan County authorities decided to completely change the shape of an intersection that is often trafficked and used by about 4,000 vehicles daily. Despite good intentions, some users did not understand how the roundabout works, as can be seen in the images obtained by an aerial camera, where vehicles approach the roundabout from the wrong lane and even go in the opposite direction when turning. .
“A video on how not to use the new mini roundabout,” wrote the construction company Walker Construction at the bottom of a post in which it also explains the correct way to circulate.