“It was a pleasant surprise to see how the players have arrived”

All the strange situations generated by the Covid-19 have meant a challenge for the physical trainers in soccer and in all sports modalities due to the particularities of having to train at home to maintain shape and, now, due to the obstacles still present for a normal workout after two months of inactivity and with the demand that lies ahead.

In this sense, the professionals of Seville in this area, Óscar Caro and Pepe Conde, are very satisfied with the response of the staff. “It has been a pleasant surprise to see how the players have arrived, which has allowed us to evolve optimally,” they assured in the club’s media.

“We are very satisfied. We have tried to be in direct daily contact with it and these interactions were showing us that there was a high level of involvement. His return is showing us that we were not mistaken in those perceptions. This group throughout the season has been very involved and has continued to be during this period of confinement, “they explain, while recalling how they managed the principle of confinement:” We saw what we had and what the players had at home. . As a result, we began to consider the objectives of the training, also taking into account that it was not clear to us how long it would last. We distributed much of the material we had in the gym. We wanted to do a very individualized and daily follow-up ”.

The current situation, with training of 10 players, is already a relief, but it still does not allow 100% complete sessions of performance. “We are not the whole group and the situation changes. It may seem in certain content or situations that arise in a preseason, but the fact of working separately is far from normal. Working as a team is decisive. There is a deficit in the preparation of the teams, without any doubt ”.