‘It seems embarrassing to me’: criticism of ‘El Hormiguero’ for having done this with Carlos Latre

Carlos Latre has visited this Tuesday ‘The Hormiguero ’ to promote ‘One Man Show‘, His new show that can be seen at the Rialto Theater in Madrid. It is a show of an hour and a half in which the comedian gets to imitate almost 100 top-of-the-line personalities, What Antonio Garcia Ferreras or Fernando Simon.

However, Latre’s visit on the Antena 3 program has been overshadowed by the elections of the Community of Madrid of this May 4th. Elections in which the Popular Party candidate has swept, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, with 65 seats, leaving far behind the 30 achieved in the 2019 elections.

Throughout the program, together with Carlos Latre and Pablo Motorcycles it was Cristina Pardo, who was discussing with the presenter the election results as he Vicente Valles It connected to report the last hour of the count. Thus, the interview with Latre has remained in a
presentation of his show and in a few imitations, something that has annoyed a part of the audience.

Cristina Pardo and Pablo Motos in ‘El Hormiguero’.

For more than half an hour – until Latre has finally talked a bit about his show – social networks have been filled with critics towards the Pablo Motos format. Internet users have been upset and tired that politics is also discussed in an entertainment program and, above all, considering that the guest was sitting at the table without speaking.

“Cancel today’s program and now …”

I find it shameful that they have Carlos Latre, who is one of the best imitators in Spain, and they only talk about politics from an autonomous community that does not even count with the type of program that is ‘El Hormiguero’ ”, commented a Twitter user. “I am from Madrid, but it does not seem right to me that you are talking about the entire election program. I don’t know, cancel the program today and now …”Added another user.