‘It looks like 3 Dakar in one and that we have been here for a year’

In the end, there comes a point that when the machine fails, you lose confidence in yourself and you doubt, you have many doubts. But thank God, once all the problems have passed, we have been able to do a good stage, one minute behind the first (who lead the general), enjoying the car again.

There is Dakar that make you grow a lot. This one in particular has made us grow a lot. We will not get a brilliant result at the level of results, but a brilliant result for our four-wheel library. You need a lot of mistakes to be able to grow in life and in this Dakar everything has happened to us. Therefore, we have many things pointed since they will make us bigger.

Today’s stage went very well (5th to 1’56 ”from the winner, Kariakin). It’s being a very tough Dakar, a lot tougher than last year for my taste and I don’t know what happens when you do a Dakar you always say that it is being the hardest year. But I assure you that this Dakar is really being so in every way. Also look at the motorcycle category, which bikers are hurting themselves again, or the mechanics, how they are failing. They are many hours, under a lot of pressure and in extreme situations that have to be managed in the best possible way. Is not easy.

As the days go by the fatigue increases. Fortunately, we are well prepared physically and psychologically. This Dakar has worn us out a lot on a mental level. It seems that there are 3 Dakar in one and that it has been here a year. It has been very, very hard. But we have not given up, we have shown it and today we were able to do a very good stage in a very short time of the best.

Farrés and Monleón, in the Dakar 2021

Therefore, I am happy and even happier because with today’s stage we put ourselves in a good situation to help the team. They have already asked us that tomorrow we can help our colleagues. We no longer have any option to make a good result and now our goal is that our colleagues (Jones, second overall at 10’13 ”behind the leader, and Aron Domzala, 3rd at 42’41”) They can be on the Dakar podium and we will fight to help them. The greatness of the ensembles is this, the teamwork, which has made me here. No one has ever given me a gift and if I am where I am with Armand it is because we have known how to be good people, great hard workers in life, and logically, work as a team.

Tomorrow will be a very difficult day. Surely, tomorrow there will be more people who do not finish and do not finish the Dakar. The stage 11 is a very, very long stage. Therefore, we have to rest. It will be a very tough battle.

Farrés and Monleón, in the Dakar 2021
Farrés and Monleón, in the Dakar 2021