“It is impossible not to motivate yourself with Imanol.

Zaldua (Donostia, 1992), Javi
Ros (Tudela, 1990) and TO

Beautiful (Santa Coloma de Gramanet, 1985) have their txuri urdin past in common. The first two, Real’s youth squad, coincided with the now left-back of the UD Las Palmas in season 13/14, one of the two in which the current captain of Saragossa militated in the blue and white first team. Enough to build a great relationship between them, after all, the two r foals ’are barely two years apart, while Zaldua and Of
Beautiful They shared many more battles together. In addition, the 2012-2014 cycle, that of Rors at Real, he couldn’t have been more successful when he reached fourth place in the league and played in the Champions League.

The chemistry between the three is evident in the pleasant “video call” they have maintained through the Real Sociedad website. A conversation in which, in addition to catching up on their daily lives in the midst of a health crisis, anecdotes and jokes from their blue and white past flourish, surely the happiest of their lives.

“I love to see you with the‘ 10 ’and the bracelet on The
Romareda“He says to start with From Bella to Ros who, after two and a half months injured, observes the break with the “hope” of getting to play a game at the end of the League. “But does the bracelet fit you, ‘rosco’?” He jokes Zaldua in allusion to the biceps of the tudelano, which fits well. “You already know that the important thing is not to be good but to look good and the 10’ and the bracelet wear a lot. ”

The truth is Ros, to a certain extent, he is privileged to be injured since this “allows him to go to the Sports City to recover, they have given us a permit. We are four injured, we have a physiotherapist and a locker room for each one and we go at different times, ”explains the Navarrese to his former colleagues who maintain a more conventional routine in the confinement of their homes. “We came to the south, to a house with a garden for the children to play,” he explains. Of the Bella while Zaldua He says that “they have brought us a bike, a treadmill, weights, everything and I have set up a mini-gym in the garage. We have a routine morning and afternoon and between that, take the dog out and we are giving it to the kitchen, the day is going well. ”

Laughter prevails in the conversation as when Zaldua De la Bella hesitates asking him to see if he has “left” these days. “Since you don’t have muscles …” laughs the man from San Sebastian. “You have to feed them,” answers the left-handed before Ros retake a current point linked to the Real. “I am enjoying a lot seeing the team so young but so mature …”, says the now Zaragoza player so that Zaldua pick up the glove. “Many times I have been the oldest in the field at 27 years old,” says the winger, who admits that “we were in the best moment, you knew that you were going to win, yes or yes.” The break has also come “fatal” in The
Romareda since the team was going straight to promotion.

What all three agree on is granting Imanol
Sheriff the importance that it has in the success of the Real. “It is impossible not to be motivated”, he recalls Of the Bella the famous hugs or blows to the technician’s chest. “The bastard gives a shit,” laughs Zaldua, who then praises his coach. It doesn’t matter what game it is, at the Bernabéu or against the bottom team, the game puts it the same and whoever plays doesn’t show. ”

With that method, Zaldua He dreams of finally playing in Europe with Real, something that his conversation partners have achieved. “I was sad to not play the Champions with you on 13/14 ”, remembers the Donostiarra. “I made my debut against Celta in November and during the week we played against Shakhtar“, follow. “As I ended up stiff, the doctor told me that if I played against him Shakhtar I was not going to last fifteen minutes. And then, in 2017, when we got into the Europa League, I was loaned to Leganés. This year I hope to get it. ”

RosInstead, he has great memories of “playing the Champions with the Real ”, after having debuted in Segunda. “I remember when we were going to play at Leverkussen there was a huge jam. We were all nervous because we didn’t show up and Mikel
Gonzalez he put ‘Ska-P’ on top and we all started singing, ”says the Navarrese Of the Bella He laughs that “Markel they wanted to bandage on the bus ”, to which Rosco He adds that “he had his rituals.”

The talk ends with a nod to the news. “The last time I saw ‘rosquito’ he scored a goal for us,” he says. Of the Bella alluding to Las Palmas-Zaragoza (0-1) in which the Navarrese left the bench in the 82nd minute to transform a penalty. “Now that we are not there, get the batteries and get into a final,” he adds to the Catalan, alluding to a Real in which Zaldua it has become a bulwark. ”They are the chops of the aita“Argues the Donostiarra when Ros He says that “it seems that the kid has a trap.” Of the Bella He remembers the great game that the right-back played shortly after debuting against Neymar. Where did this kid come from, he thought and Ros he dies of laughter when remembering the goal that marked him Zaldua to Courtois “unintentionally”. “The worst was the celebration”, admits himself Zaldua. “Not know what to do”.

What they do not agree on in the scenario of uncertainty is how and when it will be played. Although all three want to finish the League, Zaldua He assures that they are “waiting to see if we can go in groups” to train while for Of the Bella “Today it seems crazy to me, unthinkable, even going back to training. I’m not telling you to play, travel or have to stay in a hotel anymore ”.

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