‘It has been incredible … and they said that with Simeone he would not go beyond the center of the field’

Kieran tippier has been one of the most prominent players in the Atlético de Madrid in the final stretch of the season. After being sanctioned for two months for revealing confidential information about his signing for the rojiblanco club in 2019, which was used by people around him to profit from betting, the Englishman returned to a high level to play practically everything and be decisive.

Now, the Briton, who will play the Eurocup with England, looks back on words collected by The Sun, making it clear that he was right to sign for Atlético when he left the Tottenham despite Barcelona Y Real Madrid they were one step economically above the mattress holders.

“They had dominated LaLiga in the last seven years since Atlético won the last one. But I looked at the Atlético team, the coach and the players and I thought, ‘Why not?‘? ”, Says Trippier, who remembers how he made the decision to leave home at the age of 29:“ I’m going abroad and testing myself in a different league ”.

And that there were not many who were betting on a rapid integration to both Spain and Atlético del Cholo. “People doubted the change when I first arrived, they said that I would not cross the midfield line with the system of Simeone”, He says.

“I do not hear anything. It has been an incredible experience for me and being a LaLiga championAfter 38 games in a season, it is not easy, I have not looked back ”, summarizes Trippier, now enjoying a few days of rest with his family before joining the concentration of the English team to prepare for the European Championship.