It had to be a penalty, it had to be Oyarzabal

Fate is capricious and wanted Mikel
Oyarzabal, the man who had missed his last three kicks from the penalty spot, gave Real victory in the final. Fate is capricious and wanted Iñigo
Martinez, the man who in 2018 left the ship txuri urdin in full distress to go to the eternal rival, committed the maximum penalty that gave all of Gipuzkoa the greatest joy in recent years. Fate is capricious and he wanted that after 34 years of waiting, countless ridiculous cupbearers and a pandemic, the Royal would green its laurels against the eternal rival in what has already become the most beautiful victory of all time. Fate is capricious, but the wait has been worth it.

The penalty that the VAR took away from Real in the 46th minute for a hand of Iñigo
Martinez which had all the signs of being within the area, caused the ghosts to fly over La Cartuja, but fate is capricious and 10 minutes later the same protagonist shot down For your This time there was no room for doubt, although the VAR intervened again to change the color of the card.

Oyarzabal, who had already announced that he would not hesitate if he had to face another launch from 11 meters, corroborated his words with deeds and grabbed the ball to get in front of Unai
Simon. There was four minutes of tense waiting while the VAR reviewed the action. Enough time for the images of his latest mistakes to pass through the mind of the Eibartarra forward Ter
Stegen in the Super Cup, before Dean
Henderson in the Europa League and before Cardenas in the league. Augury of nothing good.

However to Oyarzabal his pulse did not tremble. Serious face, gaze fixed on a Unai
Simon that did not stop moving in parallel to the goal line and classic race towards the ball to deceive the rojiblanco goal and score a goal that goes down in history.

The tears of ’10’

“You can’t always score,” he said after the final, recalling his mistakes. “Everyone would like everything to always be beautiful. I was clear about what I was going to do, the teammates trusted me and that has given me a lot of energy, “said an excited Oyarzabal that, through tears, he remembered those who had not been able to be in La Cartuja. “This is a very beautiful day in which you remember everyone. Everyone is going through bad times and these are for the fans. There are many people that I would have liked to be here and this is for everyone, for family, friends, for everyone. We have felt them. We are champions and we are going to celebrate it all together when we can, without any doubt ”.