Isco returns the illusion to Real Madrid … for his haircut!

For better or worse, Isco he is a player who provokes division of opinions. Lately, given his poor performance, the truth is that he has been the object of more negative criticism than positive, but this Sunday morning he has been able to return the enthusiasm to the fans with a gesture of negligible importance but that the Madridistas have praised in social networks: haircut.

And it is that many, when seeing Isco abandoning his mane and returning to the look of short hair, have remembered the first years of Malaga in the Real Madrid where, with the same haircut, he was one of the most important players.

In this way, and for no other reason than that, the Real Madrid fans have turned the man from Malaga into Trendic Topic on Twitter and have generated an expectation with the level of Isco In the next matches, it is better for the player to fulfill and return all the affection received after three seasons in the shadows.