Isco, Odegaard and Rodrygo, to gain time and place with Ancelotti

The Real Madrid from Carlo Ancelotti works at full capacity in the second week of pre-season training while waiting for the 12 internationals who have participated with their teams in the Eurocup and in the America Cup. From next week they will arrive Fede Valverde and the internationals who participated in the Euro while the Brazilians, who are expected at the beginning of August, will be the last to tread Valdebebas.

Until that happens, several players who last year did not step forward at the orders of Zinedine
Zidane They have time to ‘earn’ to Carlo
Ancelotti and claim a leading role both in the preseason and, above all, in the first weeks of competition, a period in which important players such as Casemiro, Modric, Benzema or Kroos they will hardly be in a position to start as headlines. As things are, there is a good opportunity for several of the secondary players to take command. It is the case of
Odegaard, Isco Alarcón, Rodrygo or even Mariano or Jovic, whose future remains unknown.

The norway returns to Madrid again after passing through Arsenal on loan after asking due to the lack of minutes he had at the beginning of last season with Zidane. His return responds to the will of the club, which considers him a key piece for the team’s medium and long-term future. Ancelotti he is fully aware of it and, except for surprise, will give you stripes at the start of the campaign.

Another one that could benefit from these circumstances is Isco. Everything indicates that he will continue in white (he has a contract until 2022) and hopes to recover his best performance from the hand of Carlo Ancelotti, who knew how to get his best level when they coincided between 2013 and 2015.

Finally, to Rodrygo A hopeful outlook opens up for him at the start of the competition. The Madrid vetoed his participation in the Olympic Games with the Brazilian team to do the entire preseason under the orders of Ancelotti. The good news for Rodrygo is that, in the absence of Benzema, Hazard, Vinicius Y Asensio, is the main reference in attack that you have at your disposal Carlo Ancelotti.