Isak’s Eurocup leaves dividends in Anoeta’s coffers

The fans of the Real followed with a mixture of sensations the matches of Isak on the Eurocup. On the one hand the pride of seeing a txuri urdin shine in specific plays and on the other, the concern about the possibility of awakening the interest of great Europeans willing to pay the 70 million euros of its previous clause. And among those responsible for the club, surely something similar was brewing. And it is that the participation of Isak in the Eurocup will report around 315,000 euros to the Real. It is calculated that they are what UEFA will pay as compensation to the owner of his rights, which is the txuri urdin club. Around 9,000 euros per day are paid by the European football organization to each club for each footballer. Isak He was concentrated with the national team on May 24, two days after scoring against Osasuna in the last league game, and was eliminated on Monday, June 28. For now Oyarzabal leaves a similar amount in the box, so the total is 600,000 euros.