‘Isak immediately showed he knew what he was up to’

Alexander Isak arrives at the European Championship as one of the shining stars of the European football concert after his spectacular season at La Real in which he has scored 17 goals. The loss of Zlatan Ibrahimovic due to injury, puts the spotlight of an entire country, Sweden on the attacker txuri urdin who becomes the great hope of the Nordic team for the European championship that begins on June 14.

The incorporation of Isak to the discipline of the selection has been a small media hurricane due to the expectations that his performance in the Spanish league has raised. Henok Goitom, former Almería striker of Eritrean origin like the Blue and White, with whom he coincided when he took his first steps in the AIK Solna with only 15 years, sees, however, that Isak has room for improvement since “he is still young” and he has time to exploit the qualities that everyone sees in the Swede. “He is good with the ball, explosive in the first five meters and can play as the only forward or with two points.”

Goitom remembers those ‘youth’ Isak’s first training sessions with the AIK Solna first team as something “unusual” and highlights the personality he exhibited from day one. “In a possession exercise I asked him for the ball and, at 15 years old, the easy thing is to give it to the veteran but Alex chose a different pass. I was surprised but realized that I had made the right decision. Doing that in one of your first trainings with the pros showed that you knew what you were up to. That was the first sign that he would be a good player ”.

Goitom, who in addition to Almería played for Murcia, Murcia, Valladolid or Getafe among others before returning to AIK Solna and retiring from MLS in 2017, is linked by a close relationship with Isak, not only because he shared the beginnings of the realist in football, but because Alexander’s father taught him the Eritrean language Tigrinya at school. That is why he is hopeful that he will sign a great European Championship in which he would see him better “playing with two forwards because that way he can move more freely.”