Isak enters Aldridge territory

If the day I leave the Real Alexander
Isak leaves as good a memory as the one John
Aldridge (Liverpool, 1958) left his march, in 1991, after two campaigns as txuri urdin, it will be an unequivocal sign that things will have turned out very well for him. At the moment, the forward will overcome on Sunday against him I raised the 75 games who played the Liverpool striker, although it is still far in terms of effectiveness of the Irishman’s records. ‘Aldo’Scored a whopping 40
targets in 75 games while, in the same number of parties, Isak accumulate 28 points.

It will not be easy for the sharp tip of Solna follow in the wake of the British in terms of profitability since among the big
scorers foreigners of the Last 30 years, Aldridge, with 0.53 points per game, is the second with the best scoring average, only surpassed by Meho
Kodro (0.55) who scored 81 goals in 146 official matches with Real.

The 0.37 goals per game that averages Isak they represent an average more in line with the usual among the best foreign ‘killers’ of the Real. Kovacevic (107 goals in 286 games) presents the same average as the Swede and Nihat (0.41) a slightly higher one. Willian
Jose, who left scoring 62 goals in 170 games (0.36) also touches the figures of his former teammate.