Isabel Pantoja imitates Barça in the face of the tsunami that is coming over him

Things are not going too well for Isabel Pantoja. The tonadillera is plunged into a unpleasant war with his son, Kiko Rivera, for the management of Paquirri’s inheritance, and in addition, another series of problems are accumulating, most of them related to money (the Prosecutor’s Office asks him for 3 years and a fine for a crime of insolvency punishable as a result of a € 90,000 invoice with a construction company in Marbella).

So that, Isabel needs money, and she seems willing to get it from anywhere … and whatever.

One of the avenues that has been opened to him, discarding the option of granting an exclusive talking about his son, is raise the quota to your fan club members.

Is about ‘Good luck‘, Made up of a legion of fans who every month they pay 10 euros to enjoy the benefits of being members, whatever they are.

Well, according to ‘Informalia’, that amount would double up to 20 euros. All this within the framework of the ‘More than a club’ campaign, which also aims to attract new members.

We don’t know if Light blue, the president of the club, has been inspired by the famous FC Barcelona slogan for this initiative, but the fact is that this curious circumstance has occurred.

The Barça team came back last week from their Copa del Rey tie against Sevilla and this Wednesday they are looking to do the same against PSG in the Champions League.

We will see if Isabel Pantoja manages to turn around the complicated situation she is going through for a few weeks.