Isabel Díaz Ayuso, guest of Bertín Osborne in ‘My house is yours’

The team of ‘My house is yours‘He is going to resume the recordings and will do so with an interview that will surely give a lot to talk about. The format presented by Bertin Osborne plans to record, the next May 28, a new installment starring the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso.

It is not the first time that the politics of the Popular Party (PP) have sat down to speak on a television program. In fact, Díaz Ayuso inaugurated last March ‘La Campos mobile’, The new interview format for María Teresa Campos, and she has also recently been in‘Saved‘, Where she was interviewed by Gonzo.

Isabel Díaz Ayuso in ‘La Campos mobile’.

‘My house is yours’ will record the interview with Isabel Díaz Ayuso this May 28

This weekend, Bertín Osborne will also have the opportunity to speak with the regional leader in an interview in which, in addition to talking about politics and his victory in the May 4 elections, there will be room for much more personal issues. So far, Díaz Ayuso has clearly answered most of the questions that some and others have asked him. Will you answer the singer’s questions in the same way?

Bertín Osborne continues in ‘My house is yours’ despite the latest information

At the beginning of May, ‘Bluper’ reported that the contract by Bertín Osborne with Mediaset ended in February of this 2021 and anticipated that there were no intentions to renew it. However, it has been announced that the presenter will be in charge of this new recording of ‘My house is yours’, which could mean that Mediaset has bet on him again.

It is not the first time that the possible

cancellation of ‘My house is yours’
. Already last year there were rumors about this issue that the singer himself denied in social networks.

Bertín Osborne in 'My house is yours'.

Bertín Osborne in ‘My house is yours’.