Is the suspension of the game good for Atlético?

The match between Atlético de Madrid and the Athletic club that was going to be played this Saturday at the stadium Metropolitan Wanda has been postponed pending a new date “due to the exceptional situation caused by the storm” and “the impossibility of having the field in optimal conditions,” as reported The league. How does the team Simeone?

In my opinion, one of the secrets of this
Atlético de Madrid
It has been to start the league championship with two games less than the rest. This has caused the team to grow to match or surpass teams such as the Real society that are ahead of him in up to three more games. This motivates the mattresses …

We’ll see how this Tuesday, the Atlético de Madrid that recovers the game against him Seville he will live a day in which he is the only one who can score points…. Those postponed matches are going to give him a great advantage … and if not time to time.

And it is that the rojiblancos are used to fighting in inferior conditions. Something that he Cholo He has denounced on several occasions in press conferences and there is a certain sector of Real Madrid that particularly stings him …

Years ago I heard that phrase in the rojiblanco club of “while they go with submachine guns we do it with squirt guns.” Thanks to Simeone these differences have been equalized … that’s why this Athletics it’s so annoying.

Sincerely, to the Athletic this postponement does not suit him. It is true that it is for major causes, but the team of Simeone needed to get rid of the psychological burden of having fallen before him as soon as possible. Cornellá in Cup. It is often said that football is one of the few things that give you revenge and that blow had filled the tank with the desire of the rojiblancos to redeem themselves.

There are more days to know if that defeat has generated doubts within a mattress team that had been almost infallible in The league and in C

. Until the Cornellà, two defeats –Real Madrid and Bayern– within the comprehension of the entity of the rivals.

The cupbearer stumble needs to be erased as soon as possible. And the shock before him Athletic it was the ideal because it fell within the planned schedule. Now, to those of Simeone they will have to measure themselves at Seville as the first game after ‘Cornellazo‘and it was supposed to be one of those two parties – along with the I raised– in which he could widen differences in the leadership.

However, now, the Cholo It is presented without a net, with the added pressure of perhaps knowing that the rivals who have been able to play have cut differences. More pressure in a stretch of matches –Athletic and Seville– which were keys to knowing if you can dream.