Is Pablo Iglesias going to return to politics? Purse announces “the return” of the “commander”

Pablo Iglesias made the decision to abandon political life after the electoral result that Unidos Podemos obtained in the elections of May 4 in the Community of Madrid.

Juan Carlos Monedero has attended a meeting with the party’s membership in Catalonia, where he praised the renewal opportunity in which they are.

However, it has cast doubt on a possible round the world of the politics of Pablo Iglesias.

“In Podemos it is true that they shoot us, but as with Gila, they shoot us badly,” he joked. “They have shot down the commander”.

He claimed that he had recently had contact with him and that “Will come back, somewhere else, but will return. “

Also, he took advantage of the meeting to encourage the militancy to regain “joy”, “the illusion for the republic” and “territorial sensitivity” with Ione Belarra.