Irene Rosales goes through the operating room again to have her chest operated again

Irene Rosales has spent this week in the operating room for have a new breast operation after the intervention she underwent in 2017 after the birth of her daughter Ana. The woman of Kiko rivera entered last monday April 26 at the Vithas clinic in Castilleja de la Cuesta, in Seville, and this Wednesday she was discharged.

The collaborator of ‘Live life’Would have made the decision to re-operate due to the deterioration of prostheses that they put on him in 2017, when he had surgery on his chest for the first time, according to the magazine ‘Ten Minutes’. In addition, they have treated a fluid build-up on the right chest.

The operation has been a success and the daughter-in-law of Isabel pantoja She left the medical center a few hours ago visibly happy, although she admitted that she was still in pain. Rosales will now have to take rest at home accompanied by her daughters Ana and Carlota. Of course, in just a few days you will resume your professional commitments and will return to ‘Viva la vida’.

Irene Rosales in ‘Viva la vida’.

Kiko Rivera is in Nepal recording with Jesús Calleja

Irene Rosales has undergone this intervention without having her husband around. And is that Kiko Rivera has set course for Nepal this week with Jesus Calleja to record one of the new installments of the program that the Leonese presents in Cuatro, ‘Planet Calleja‘. Despite the distance, the conflict between Isabel Pantoja and her son is still latent, as the DJ himself confirmed at the airport, where he also made it clear that does not want to reconcile with his mother and assured that he is still willing to sell your part of the Cantora farm.

Kiko Rivera denies that he wants to reconcile with Isabel Pantoja.

Kiko Rivera denies that he wants to reconcile with Isabel Pantoja.