Iraia Iturregi: ‘There is a desire to get out of hand with Logroño’

The Athletic female host CDEF Logroño tomorrow with the aim of continuing on its good league path. The rojiblancas have a balance of four victories, one draw and one defeat in the last six games, but the Riojan team eliminated the Bilbao team in last season’s Cup semifinals and won 3-0 in the first round of this campaign. Now, however, he is not having a good time. They have only won one match of the last eleven they have played and have lost the last three.

Is there a spirit of revenge? “Today we have commented that despite the fact that Logroño is in a bad way, they eliminated us in the Cup and made us 3-0 in the first leg. There is a desire to remove the thorn. It helps us to be alert. Despite the fact that one team is in good dynamics and another in bad dynamics, the game is going to be very difficult. It seems that we are favorites, but you have to realize that Logroño is risking his life, “he said. Iraia
Iturregi from Lezama.

It seems that we are favorites, but you have to realize that Logroño is risking his life

The red-and-white coach has the casualties of Lucy Y Nekane. The team’s top scorer tested positive for Covid-19. He is in perfect condition and working from home and for the next game he will be at the disposal of Iturregi, also taking into account that the next match against Barça has been postponed at the request of the rival, who plays in the Champions League. Logically, the drop in the team’s top scorer is important, but the coach draws a positive reading. “She is a very unbalancing player and it is better to have her with us, but the positive part is that the team has won three games without Lucia and other players have joined the scoring bag. The team sees that without Lucy they are also capable of winning ”, he explained.

Before visiting Eibar,
Iturregi he scored six points in these last two games. They beat the gunsmiths (2-5) and if they defeat Logroño tomorrow they will have achieved this goal in the short term. “We would reach 34 points. I am not saying that they serve to ensure salvation, but it is a good figure to breathe, ”he said.

The ex-player has highlighted the set pieces of the Rioja and their game on the counterattack: “Up there is a veteran forward, Jade, which has always caused us problems. In band they have footballers who run very well into space, you have to be very careful with their cons ”.

Things enter us that did not enter before and in bad times we are managing emotions better

Athletic is getting a lot out of strategy plays. This is how 9 of the last 20 goals have come. “Yes, we work on it, it is something that is trained. Now we are on that good wave. Eunate she is hitting very well and we have big players who are doing very well upside down ”, she explains Iturregi, who recognizes that the atmosphere in the dressing room has changed after this good run. “It shows, even in the joy of training or a simple finishing exercise. The players are much more confident, things come in that didn’t come in before and in bad times we are managing emotions better. It shows in the atmosphere, in the game and in the results ”, he stated.