Insults to a referee in a benjamines game: ‘Go with the broom’

A new chapter of macho and intolerable insults towards a female referee has taken place in Spanish football. This time, it happened in a Benjamin’s match and the reactions from both the media and users on social networks have not been long in coming. Hundreds of messages of rejection towards these facts show that people are increasingly willing not to tolerate them.

“Go with the broom and the dustpan” “Hey Pretty” “panties at 1 euro” “Laugh, daughter of a Bitch” are some of the macho insults that a young referee had to hear, while doing her work in a baby’s game, between teams EF Gavà H and Piera AE A.

The match was from Second division and it was held in the Catalan town of Gavà. The insults came from some of the Benjamin’s relatives of the Piera AE. When other fans of the match began to be constant that this type of comments were being made, many of them reacted to try to stop him from insulting the referee.

After saying “laugh, motherfucker”, some of the fans who were attending the insults addressed the women and told them if they were not ashamed of what they were doing.

“They are women, do you see it normal?” said some of those who defended the referee, barely 20 years old, who tried to stay oblivious to what was happening.