Iñigo Martínez is once again at the disposal of Marcelino

Athletic appeared last Wednesday in Seville with a defense plagued by casualties. Something unusual in a team that for some time now has shown the solvency, consistency and strength of its defense. Marcelino, paradoxically, could not have against Betis who has been the four starter in the rear for a few years now.

Capa, Yeray, Iñigo Martínez and Yuri stayed in Bilbao with Muniain. The first by penalty. The remaining four due to physical problems. Some of them may have already said agur to the season.

It is not the case of Iñigo Martinez. The last-minute loss of the left center-back was due to gastroenteritis. Yesterday he trained in Lezama with the rest of his teammates.

Marcelino, seeing the panorama in Villamarín, had to resort to an improvised defense. De Marcos was a right-winger with Lekue switched to the left wing. Nuñez and Balenziaga played like this in the center of the rear.

Aitor Paredes, Bilbao Athletic center-back, was yesterday one of the additions of Marcelino in the afternoon training carried out at the Lezama facilities. Julen Bernaola, who already traveled with the first team to Seville and that he has also played as a center-back although he has been working in the media lately, was another of the incorporations in this work session under Marcelino.

The news chapter on the return of the lions to Lezama also included the presence of three highly offensive puppies. Two of them already did the preseason last summer under the command of Gaizka Garitano. In both there are many illusions deposited in the Bilbao club.

Nico Serrano, who has made the jump from youth to Bilbao Athletic directly, has already confirmed his quality in the rojiblanco subsidiary. The Navarrese usually plays close to the left wing, has a goal and gives assists.

Ewan Urain, center forward, has not enjoyed the continuity expected throughout the campaign, due to injuries in his case. These two puppies were joined in this afternoon training Luis Bilbao, top of Juvenil A.