Ingrid García-Jonsson does not overcome Broncano’s challenge in her visit to ‘El Hormiguero’

The rivalry between ‘The Resistance’ and ‘El Hormiguero’ still on high. The start of the season has served to rekindle the Trolling cravings from Broncano and company, which this Wednesday sent one of their own to torpedo motorcycles.

Ingrid García-Jonsson visited ‘La Resistencia’ in the afternoon (although the program is broadcast at 00), and there he explained that then he went to ‘El Hormiguero’ with Verónica Forqué to promote the film ‘Come out of the closet‘.

The actress then proposed to Broncano to wink at her program from there, and Broncano picked up the glove: He asked her to use the words iridescent, substrate, and pregnant.

If you can, two in the same sentence and another loose”, Specified the comedian, who offered to his collaborator to pay him a month’s rent if he did.

Otherwise, she would be the one who would take charge of Broncano’s real estate income.

And what happened? Well what Ingrid did not remember, as they were in charge of remembering in the twitter account of ‘La Resistencia’.

We’ll see how they settle the score the next time they see each other.