Influencers tremble: UK prohibits them from using this Instagram feature

In the next few days, everyone UK influencers will be prohibited from using one of the most famous features in the stories of Instagram: The filters. This has been announced by the Advertising Standards Authority that it will not allow users who receive financial compensation for advertising on this platform to use beauty filters.

Far from what many may think, this initiative was born under the motto #filterdrop (remove the filters) that the user Sarah Pallari, which has more than 20 thousand followers on this famous social network, moved with a publication that reached thousands of people in which it defended real beauty: “I want you to realize the large scale of damage that constant use supposes. of filters. Flawless, poreless, scarless and wrinkle-free skin does not exist and it is only because of the excessive use of these filters that we believe it exists ”, he wrote under a video in which he showed his natural skin.

“Ask yourself if you would be glad if your children only They will base their beauty on the filter they need to be beautiful. We are born with great confidence in ourselves, but we grow little by little and are eroded by unrealistic standards of beauty, “he added.

Finally, Sarah He ended by saying that “the way you talk to people, the way you treat people, the way you smile at them. All that a filter cannot touch is where the true beauty is ”.

As a result, his publications were based on demonstrating the amount of retouching and filters that his photographs had, achieving, as we have already mentioned, that from now on, the influencers are prohibited from using filters for advertising purposes.