‘Inflatable’ audience against the Covid-19

In France The de-escalation period for confinement due to the coronavirus has started since Monday. In this way, many activities have recovered their normality, always maintaining the necessary security measures.

In order to carry out the latter, the French television program ‘N’oubliez pas les paroles’(Don’t forget the lyrics) has had an ingenious idea to be able to have an audience in the stands and, at the same time, avoid risks due to contagion.

On the one hand, they have allowed access to the real public, who have been made to sit keeping the safety distance and with masks but, so that the stands do not look empty, they have placed inflatable figures in the rest of the seats, to give a feeling of void in the stands. In addition, several of these inflatable dolls showed virtual faces of viewers connected by videoconference from their homes.

The result, in addition to cash, is quite curious.