Indignation in Germany: insults two referees and the punishment is to coach a women’s team

Outrage in Germany. Heiko vogel, coach of the subsidiary of Borussia Mönchengladbach, was recently expelled after addressing, according to the minutes, in an “unsportsmanlike” manner to the assistants Vanessa Arlt and Nadine Westerhoff. The punishment was nothing short of surreal.

The coach of the Borussia Mönchengladbach subsidiary teams, specifically the sub’23, ended up expelled at the end of January in one of the regional league games, which measured his against the Bergisch gladbach. The German coach showed “unsportsmanlike behavior” with the match referee, Marcel Benkhoff, but above all with the two assistants of the same, Vanessa Arlt and Nadine Westerhoff, to which he showed total contempt.

These days the sanction has been known. VogHe will have to stay two games away from his team’s bench and will also have to face a fine of about 1,500 euros.

But the thing does not stop there since the West German Football Association (WDFV), one of the five regional governing bodies of the country, has decided that as a punishment it will also have to direct the women’s team of its club in six training sessions, which militates in the second division, before the end of this season.

“We believe that it is good that he has an experience with women footballers and that he learns to behave appropriately with people of the opposite sex,” explained the association.

Dunya Hayali, presenter of the football program Sportstudio on German public television, she was among the first to show her outrage at the sentence. “I hope you have submitted your complaints to the federation,” he wrote on Twitter, naming the official account of the Gladbach.

“Why is it considered a fine to have to coach a women’s team? What kind of joke is this? ”He added. The federation limited itself to announcing that VogeHe will have to direct the six sessions until June 30, so it is understood that the sentence remains final.