In Mexico they take for granted that Atlético is leaving San Luis

On Mexico take for granted that Atlético de Madrid has its hours counted in saint Louis. The mattress franchise could disappear as in its day already did the Athletic Kolkata in India. Well, in recent days the Aztec media have confirmed that the mattress club is studying selling the shares to a group of investors headed by Jeff Luhnow, former manager of the Houston Astros and Carlos Alazraki, owner of Ravens Club.

A few dates ago it was accepted by the directive of the Athletic San Luis that new investors enter the club. A long negotiation that a few days ago seemed to have fallen, but ended up reactivated. Among the plans of the new directive would be for the team to change its name, colors and identity to form a new project.

Remember that the Atlético de Madrid came to Mexico in March 2017 and made possible the rise of the saint Louis to First division. But after being last season in the percentage classification and having to pay the fine of 120 million pesos, they seek to sell shares to a new group of investors composed, among others, by Jeff Luhnow Y Carlos Alazraki.

In this way it seems that a new chapter in the history of the Atlético de Madrid. The expansion of the Atlético brand on the planet has not finished taking hold.