‘In football veterancy is a grade and in the engine even more’

Fernando Alonso, two-time Formula One champion with Renault in 2005 and 2006, and a partner of Real Madrid, was happy for LaLiga achieved last night by the Madrid team and, when compared to the Croatian midfielder Luka modric, who, at 34, turns 35 in September, continues to perform at the highest level, assured that “in football, seniority is a grade and even more so in the engine.”

“Yes, not only him (Modric). I think that in history there have been many players who, turning years, gave more performance. In Madrid we have examples that have shown it and we also see Benzema who seems to be getting better every year. In football veterancy is a grade and in the engine even more, ”he said on Real Madrid TV, after he revealed last week that he will return to F1 in 2021, at the age of 39.

“The Indy 500 is August 23. I am going to the United States on August 2 or 3, shortly, and from September on I will try to prepare with Renault next year and return to Formula 1. It presents itself well for the Spanish fan, for people who enjoy F1. Both Carlos (Sainz) and I will have things to say. In 2021 I think Mercedes will continue to dominate, but in a category in which there are only 20 drivers, that we have two Spaniards and two Madridistas, I think it is good news, ”he said.

Alonso commented on the club’s television how he lived the match against Villarreal (2-1) that certified the title for Madrid: “It was a day of celebration. I lived it at home with my father, very fond of Real Madrid, and without tranquility because you always have to finish the job, but the margin that was had and that Barcelona was not winning allowed us to enjoy the game, ”he said.

The two-time F1 world championStaked the importance of the return of soccer in Spain: “I think that everything that has happened and is happening makes it difficult for us to be mimes again and that this type of sporting joys and deeds is celebrated differently and will be remembered differently. I suppose it will become historical for all the details it has had. Both the League and the clubs have brought it forward and I think they have given a good show and encouragement to the people who needed it so much. ”

“I think I would highlight the group. It is difficult to stay with a player or a key moment. Perhaps the Bernabéu Classic was key for beating Barça and get that little boost. But I think it has been the group and the coach’s job of having them all plugged in ”, he analyzed about the key to Real Madrid’s success.

A Alonso who said that “hopefully they can return to the soccer fields soon” and hoped that the Madrid team can overcome the Champions League tie against the Manchester City, next August 7, where he must overcome the adverse 1-2 embedded in the first leg at the Santiago Bernabéu if they want to be in the quarterfinals of a final phase to be played in Lisbon (Portugal), with match-crosses.

Now, to be aware of the Champions, where there is always little hope in this competition of ours. It is difficult and I think that all Madridistas have their feet on the ground. We know that it would be a feat to come back there, but the Champions League is special for Madrid. I think the players will be convinced that it can be done ”he concluded.