In England they hit Suárez after accusing him of pinching Rudiger

One of the images left by the meeting held at the National Arena in Bucharest between the Atlético de Madrid and the Chelsea it was the bite they had Luis Suarez Y Rudiger In the second half. Both disputed a ball that finally came out on the baseline and in the struggle, the Uruguayan, unbalanced, grabbed the German’s leg to avoid falling.

Something that annoyed the center-back tremendously, who went in very bad ways for the striker, putting his hands on his neck. The matter did not pass to greater, but the collegiate Felix brych decided not to get a yellow card.

After hours, in England they have charged the inks against the mattress attacker, considering that he pinched the leg of Rudiger when he tried to hold on to keep from falling. Various media highlight the Uruguayan’s frustration and the action he starred in to drive the central defender out of his boxes. Even ‘The Sun‘Recalls a previous cast with Azpilicueta. “He threw his leg against the Spanish, but still asked for a foul.”

The comments continued on television, with two former footballers who also talked about that play between Suarez Y Rudiger. Joe cole, a former Chelsea player, was the one who “opened the ban.” “When you are scolding your children and they go from biting to pinching, you are doing well,” he ironically BT Sport with the famous bite to Chiellini at the World Cup in Brazil.

And it was also pronounced Ferdinand River: “The referee will never see that, he is looking at them in the face, but the real damage has been done,” said the Englishman.